Thursday, April 2, 2009

Monday 30th March 2009. Jaisalmer Deset, India

Had an interesting nights sleep as we were in the middle of the desert with the sound of Camels munching, it was a bit hard to drop off! Once we were out of the tent, we were very achy but happy to see that breakfast was ready for us; toast, jam and our new favourite biscuits 'Parle-G' which are like malted milk biscuits!!
Once we were back on the camels we weren't happy bunnies as our bums hurt sooo much and I was grumpy the whole ride back and didn't really talk to sara! We were so happy to be back in the car and on the way to the hotel for a shower as we smelt a bit like camels!
After cleaning ourselves up, we met the camel safari boss and he invited us to his house. As it was a bit of a walk away we decided to go on his motorbike through the streets of Jaisalmer which i found quite fun but sara liked the camel ride more! Once we got there, we had some tea, met the family and he got out heaps of photos and postcards to show us the extent of his camel business throughout the years! This was all quite fun until he started talking about tips!
After the tea and the camel chat, we headed to the fort where the Maharaja was coming out to ride through the town. There were hundreds of people there all wating and some very fancy dressed camels! We heard that the Maharaja was a bit of a drinker though, so he came out late and looked like he was going to fall off his horse.
Had dinner and early eve as we were off to Jodhpur in the morning.


  1. Prefer elephants, myself! So you didn't get camels milk for breakfast?

  2. Have only just realised there were coments on here! No camels milk for breakfast!