Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday 25th April 2009. Phnom Penh, Cambodia-Siem Reap, Cambodia

We had booked a bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap which left at 10 in the morning. There where some funny Americans on the bus who said "I just love Asian buses!" Her enthhusiams slowly wained after the 5 hour journey! The journey wasn't at all bad and was quicker than we expected. We got a Tuk Tuk to our hotel called Jasmine Lodge which seemed really nice. A room with air-con and two beds, which we defiantly appreciate!
After settling in we got a Tuk Tuk into town and looked round the markets. We went to there night market which was nice but each stall selled the same stuff. We had a drink at this lovely bar while it was raining loads. Then we headed to Bar street where all the restaurants are and went to a place called The Red Piano. Most famous for Angelina Jolie eating there, and there is a cocktail named after her. I ate an amazing prawn dish and Caroline had this beef dish called Lok Lac which was also amazing!

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