Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monday 13th-Wednesday 15th April 2009. Bangkok, Thailand

Well, we awoke in our super squishy bed and ventured out for breakfast. We soon learnt that Songkran was in full flow and would stay that way for the next 3 days! We got in a rikshaw to try and find the S.T.A offices (which we later discovered were in the Pingpong show area!) We wanted to go and try and sort a visa out for Vietnam which we had planned to go to on the 15th but the offices were shut. It was pretty much impossible to get anything done in the city without getting soaked and as we wanted to do some (dry) sightseeing, we decided to stay a few extra days, miss out Vietnam and spend longer in Cambodia. There was one good thing about venturing all the way to the STA office and that was that there was a Boots accross the road which made us very happy. Dripping wet, we entered the shop and stocked up on facewipes, suncream and insect repellent-all vital for the travellers backpack!

The next couple of days were also spent pretty soaked and/or covered in talcum powder (which formed a lovely paste!) We went to china town one night and had some AMAZING food at this seaood restaurant on a street corner. Was so yummy. On the Khoasan one night there was also some beauty pageant/contest thing happening so we stopped to watch that for a bit and a white girl one it, which was weird considering all the other contestants were thai!
After 3 nights in our hotel, we decided to move, so on the wedesday we packed our stuff and went about 200metres down the street to a place called 'D and D' which had been reccommended to me by a friend. It was so much nicer than the other place, had a pool, breakfast included and the bed was HUGE! We had a room looking right onto the Khaosan road which was great during the day to watch all the Songkran action without getting wet, but not so great at night when the music went on till 4am....we're such old ladies who need our sleep!!

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  1. Hope the weather improved and you did some dry sightseeing! You must be on to Cambodia by now and all the Wats.