Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday 3rd April 2009. Udaipur. India.

Today we went and looked around the shops and then to the city palace. We decided to get another audio tour even though Caroline had met a guide the night before! Half way through the tour I started feeling sickly again so we headed back and felt guilty as Caroline was enjoying the audio tour so much!
Later after a rest we headed back to the shops and spent quite a lot of money but we did buy some good presents for people. My favourite purchase was my new love note necklace and Caroline bought yet more rings, an anklet and my birthday present. We got back to the lake in time for sunset and after that we headed to the roof top for some dinner. When we got bakc to the hotel room our curtain rail fell down! We were given a key to another room but we decided to stay put.....BAD IDEA. At 4.30am we were woken by drums and chants in the street, there must have been some sort of festival happening but we really wished they'd shut-up!


  1. Pitty they don't do an iEat straw!!

  2. And I clearly can't spell either! I meant pity!!