Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday 29th March 2009-Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

Woke up feeling a bit aprehensive as we had a camel safari booked later that day! After breakfast, went for a look around the market and to the Fort in Jaisalmer. Heard some very funny lines to try and get us to look at certain market stalls like "Hello, come make your eyes happy, sweet lady" very amusing! We got a bit lost in the fort and as always nearly run over several times by motorbikes/scooters/cows. I bought a new ring from one place for 200rps which is about 2.50, not bad esp as it's real silver (well it hasn't turned my finger green yet!).
We went back to the hotel after lunch in our fave restaurant "the trio" and got ready to go on our camel safari! Our driver, Raj, drove us a bit out of the city to meet our camel owners, Dirga and Drumo. I chose the smaller camel (as i am petrified of horses and all things you ride with 4 legs) and Sara got the bigger older one. The journey was quite fun at first, we chatted to the Camel men, learnt some Hindu-Atcha means thankyou, Namaste is hello and Swagaat is welcome! But after about an hour we had sort of had enough as our bums were getting a bit achy plus is was super hot! After about 2 hours we stopped at the cousins house of the camel owner, a brick open walled house which felt like it was in the middle of nowhere! We had some chai, and it was nice to have a rest. After about 20 mins there, we headed over to our camping spot, collecting firewood on the way and once we arrived the boys started cooking dinner for us. The boss of the camel safari company all drove out to meet us on his motorbike and brought us beer and diet coke which made us very happy! After a yummy dinner of dal, mixed veg curry and chapatis, the boys put a tent up for us and we settled down to what we thought might be a comfy nights sleep...

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