Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday 11th April 2009. Mumbai, India

Well today was Sara's 23rd birthday and we couldn't have been waking up in a ranker place! After a little gift giving, we packed our stuff and were out the door by about 8.30am in search of a new place to stay. After a few hotels that were full, we came across Hotel White Pearl which was in Colaba near the market so that was handy!
Once we got to the room, we both had much needed showers and set out to explore Mumbai. First stop was a cafe called 'Leopolds' which was on the main Colaba market road, it served good toast so we were happy! Next we headed to India Gate via taxi which was silly as it was only a few mins walk away but we didn't realise this till after!! It wasn't the most impressive monument we've seen plus it was covered in scaffolding. Opposite was the Taj Mahal hotel but this also had scaffolding on it, most likely where the terrorist attack damaged the building. I had read there was a good market not too far away so we hopped in another taxi and went there, the traffic was so bad but we were glad when we arrived...that was until the taxi driver told us the market was shut. Er, HELLO why did you take us there then you wally! After a few more attempts to find good markets and alot of walking in the hot hot heat we decided we had tried hard enough with no luck and headed home :(
We went back to Leopolds where it was MUCH busier and hotter for some spring rolls, naan and beer. After that it was to bed, ready for our flight to Bangkok the next day.

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  1. So glad you got out of the red cross place. It sounded awful. So now a bit up market and a lot safer! Hope Sara had a great birthday.