Monday, April 13, 2009

Sunday 12th April 2009. Mumbai, India-Bangkok, Thailand

Up early to catch our flight to Thailand with Thai Air who were very nice. We pre-ordered meals as a joke but they actually turned out to be quite yummy! I got a nice steamed fish dish and Sara had a stirfry pork with egg fried rice. Much nicer than any food i've had on BA!

Once we arrived in Bangkok it was around 6pm so we hopped in a taxi to our hotel on the Khaosan Road. We were aware that Songkran (thai new year) was due to start the following day, however it had already begun in some areas including the Khaosan so we had to walk to our hotel as the road was shut! Luckily we avoided the water and the talcum powder that was being chucked around! We saw some poor people later on who didn't quite manage to avoid it though!!
We made our way to our teeeeeny tiny room (literally the smallest room ever) with a super squishy bed which meant me and Sara would probably role into one another in the night and decided to venture into the madness of the Khaosan. We bought a water pistol right away but it was a bit crappy. Some people had shelled out about a tenner for theirs, mainly the men who thought it'd be funny to zap you right in the face with water! We got soaked, had a few beers and then headed to bed.

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  1. Almost a month and no more blogs. Hope you are OK.