Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday 10th April 2009 Goa-Mumbai, India

Last day in Goa-we were up about 7am to get a taxi to Madgaon train station for our 12hr train to Mumbai. When we got onto the train there was an Indian couple who were about 50 sharing our 1st class compartment. They were very sweet-the man was very funny and kept doing voice exercises in hindu, literally for like 12 hours! As it was a day train we didn't sleep loads, but did manage to get a few hours kip. Lots of men kept coming by with chai, samosas, chicken lollipops (?), coffee and all sorts of other treats but announced it very loudly so that was a bit annoying!
Other than do some reading and sleeping we didn't do much on the train, but surprisingly it went quite quickly!
Once we arrived at Mumbai CST, we hopped in a taxi to our accommodation-The Salvation Army Red Shield Hostel. BIG MISTAKE! This place was horrid! Seriosuly gross, no bed sheets, sandy matress, sickly people in the beds next to us, no loo role, shower/taps didn't work. Most rank place i have ever stayed! We just about managed to get a few hours sleep....

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