Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday 23rd March 2009 Delhi-Agra, India

Most of today was spent in the car, we stopped at one point for our driver to pay some road fees or something and having been asleep for a while we woke to see all sorts-monkeys jumping on the car, a snake charmer WITH SNAKE, a transvestite prostitute and people selling jewellery!
We got to the hotel in Agra, then a couple of hours later we were back in the car and on the way to see the Taj Mahal. When we got there, we walked about 1k from the car as they are not allowed that close. It was so beautiful and we were there in time for sunset so after wandering outside we decided to go in and have a look at the tomb and the lake at the back. So many people kept asking to have their picture taken with us which is fun at first and then gets a bit annoying! After sunset, we walked back to the car and bought some postcards.
Once we were back in the hotel, we had some dinner in our room which wasn't great and then to bed.

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