Monday, March 30, 2009

Saturday 28th March 2009. Pushkar-Jaisalmer, India

Not a very interesting day...woke up super early as we had and EIGHT hour car journey to a place called Jaisalmer which is right in the middle of the desert in the west about 150k from Pakistan border. The drive was v.tedious but once we arrived the hotel was really nice and we ate in a great restaurant called the Trio. We sat on a sort of bed thing and had a dish called Thali which is like 5 small dishes/currys, a dal, a kofta, a mixed veg, a yoghurty raita and a pud-usually Gulab Jammon which for those who haven't tried it, it's amazing! Get down to your local indian and order one now. I've got sara a bit hooked on them, it's basically a sort of doughnut ball in syrup!!
After dinner we were sleepy so went back to hotel to try and watch Juno on the only english channel we could find 'star movies' but the signal was crappy so we read a bit then fell asleep.

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  1. Oooooh, those Gulab Jammon. Sooo delicious. Don't eat too many!