Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sydney, Australia 20th-28th May 2009

The flight to Sydney was GREAT! There was hardly anyone on the plane so me and Sara enjoyed having a row each! They even bought round ben and jerry's ice cream which i took advantage of and ended up feeling a bit sick but was fine once we landed in drizzly Sydney!
After getting on the metro, we found our hostel, WAKE UP! which was as far as hostels go, pretty amazing. Every one in the room was really nice and we ended up going out with them on the first night. We didn't do heaps of sightseeing whilst we were in Sydney, obviously went to see the Opera House and The Harbour Bridge. We were lucky to see Vivid Sydney as well which began on the last night we were there. It was basically a music and light festival and we saw the Opera House and the Museum of Contemporary Art lit up with amazing projections! Whilst we were in Sydney we also met up for dinner with my sisters and my friend's James and Tim and James' girlfriend Diana. It was so nice to go somewhere different in the city instead of the usual touristy places. We ended up in a lovely pub and had such a fun evening.
One day we decided to do the Coogee to Bondi beach walk with a couple of girls from our room, Nishma and Laura. We picked such a sunny day for it but when we got 5 minutes into the walk, there was a big road block up and the path had been closed for maintenence. We did manage to get to Bondi in the end and had a sunny but bit chilly afternoon lazing on the beach!!
We also visited the Museum one day with Nishma but we were all so tired from being out the night before i don't think we appreciated it enough!
Soon, the week was up and we were on another plane to Christchurch, NZ!!!

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